Dinner for two. Book clubs with friends. Birthdays celebrated with family. Special moments like these are perfect for sharing your passion for fine food with the people you love.

To help you make every occasion, as well as every day, memorable, La Panzanella® Artisanal Foods Co. crafts its Croccantini® and Oat Thins artisan crackers using traditional recipes and only the finest ingredients. Hand-crafted with only simple, wholesome and Non-GMO Certified ingredients, our products are made with your family’s snacking needs in mind.

We also offer delectable Dolcetini Cookies, re-imagined from timeless European tea cookie recipes for the modern family. Available in a variety of flavors.

All baked fresh just for you, and ideal for any celebration of life, love and food.

Discover dozens of delectable recipes and creative serving suggestions for our gourmet crackers.

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